What are Commercial Vehicles?



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The National Safety Code (NSC) of Canada defines a commercial vehicle as a truck, truck-tractor, trailer or semi-trailer or combination thereof exceeding a gross vehicles weight rating (GVWR) of 4,500 Kg, or a bus with a designated seating capacity of more than 10, including the driver.

Commercial vehicles come in all shapes and sizes. In Alberta, a commercial vehicle must not be more than:

  • 2.6 metres wide.
  • 4.15 metres high off the road surface.
  • 12.5 metres in length of any single vehicle.
  • 23 metres overall length for a truck and single trailer combination. 25 metres overall length for double trailer combinations.
  • 23 metres overall length for a truck-tractor and double trailer combination (if the vehicle doesn't conform to TAC standards).
  • 25 metres overall length for TAC vehicle combinations. These include A,B,C trains and tractor semi-trailers. When a tractor semi-trailer has wheel base controls and trailer length controls, the overall length is a little less than 25 metres.


Last Updated June 12, 2016