A FREE Traffic Safety Program Created With Teachers, for Teachers.

STREET SAFE is a brand new educational program that teaches pedestrian, school bus and bicycle safety to students in Kindergarten to Grade 3. It was created in response to feedback from Division One teachers on the former traffic safety program, Kinetic Kids.

STREET SAFE has been strategically redesigned to be an engaging introduction to specific traffic safety concepts at each grade level. Other improvements to the program include:

  • New personal safety content with cross-curricular connections
  • Carefully sequenced lessons that change and build from grade to grade
  • Focused activities that are grade and age-appropriate
  • New characters that age with students as they progress from grade to grade
  • New teacher resource guides with songs, activities and suggestions for cross-curricular connections

To preview the new materials, click on the icons below:


Last Updated June 12, 2016