Provincial Impaired Driving Committee

Alberta Transportation through the Office of Traffic Safety and the Provincial Impaired Driving Committee is using collective strengths, talents and resources to reduce the incidence of drinking and driving in Alberta.

Awareness and education are the foundations for virtually eliminating impaired driving in Alberta. However, legislation and enforcement are also key considerations for those who continue to drink and drive.

Those involved in combating the impaired driving problem in Alberta uniformly state that their success can be measured on the saving of even one life.

As a strong united front, the work of the Provincial Impaired Driving Committee is sending a message that impaired driving will not be tolerated in Alberta.

Established in April 1997, the Provincial Impaired Driving Committee is a partnership - members are developing new strategies to combat a problem that threatens the safety of everyone travelling on Alberta's roadways. The group was formed to look at improved means for both preventing and enforcing impaired driving by:

  1. Developing and distributing awareness and education programs, including support materials to various target audiences throughout the province.

  2. Identifying provincial programs that support both education and enforcement. The group is focusing on integrating province-wide, anti-impaired driving programs such as: Checkstop, Designated Driver and Report an Impaired Driver programs (911).

  3. Developing implementation strategies for tougher impaired driving penalties and legislation.

The Committee has played a key role in the rollout of legislative changes such as the Alberta Administrative Licence Suspension Program (AALS) and expanding the impaired driving window to 10 years from the existing five years. The Committee members were also instrumental in the development of the AALS training package for enforcement members.

Membership includes Alberta Solicitor General, Alberta Justice, Alberta Intergovernmental, International and Aboriginal Relations, Alberta Health and Wellness, the RCMP, Alberta Sheriffs, municipal police services, MADD Canada (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), SADD Alberta (Students Against Drinking and Driving), the Alberta Motor Association, Insurance Bureau of Canada, Alberta Centre for Injury Control and Research, Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission, and Alberta Transportation's Office of Traffic Safety.

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Last Updated June 12, 2016