Designated Driver Program

It is up to all of us to encourage positive and reliable alternatives to drinking and driving. Smart choices like designating a driver or using alternate modes of transportation will prevent tragedy and further promote safety on our streets.

Tips for designated drivers:

There are alternatives to drinking and driving. One alternative is to make a smart choice and have a designated driver. It allows everyone to enjoy themselves and makes sure you and your friends or family members get home safely.
  • Wherever you socialize - private homes, licensed establishments or at special events - the key is to plan ahead.
  • Decide who will not drink any alcoholic beverages before and during an outing - designate a driver.
  • Take turns being the designated driver - look after your friends and they'll look after you.
  • Larger groups should have more than one designated driver.

Everyone is entitled to have a great time during their outings. Designated drivers are a smart solution to drinking and driving and ensuring safety on our streets.

So think about it and make a smart choice- be a designated driver. Help reduce the incidence of impaired driving and avoid traffic collisions, injuries and damage to property. It saves lives - and makes you the smart one.


Last Updated June 12, 2016