Information Bulletins

  2012/01/17 Drivers with diabetes benefit from new medical reporting rules
2009/12/22 Poor visibility, icy roads and cold temperatures can mean an unpleasant and dangerous driving experience but preparation and attitude will make a big difference
2009/12/07 Province gets tough on impaired drivers this holiday season
2009/11/06 Drivers and pedestrians share responsibility for safety
2009/11/06 Law enforcement agencies hand out 1287 tickets in seatbelt blitz
2009/10/23 Traffic safety partners remind drivers to buckle-up
2009/10/02 Buckle Up! Seat belts save lives
2009/08/26 August-Back to School
2009/07/28 Traffic fatalities and injuries drop in 2008
2009/07/03 Information Bulletin-CV Inspections
2009/06/29 Updated rules for commercial vehicles aim to enhance safety and consistency.
2009/06/19 Information Bulletin-Commercial Vehicles
2009/05/09 May long weekend expected on Alberta's roads and public lands
2009/04/03 Province aims to curb speeding drivers.
2009/04/03 Intersection safety devices now active in Alberta.
2009/03/10 Province launches spring seatbelt campaign to help save lives - Two-day enforcement blitz reminds drivers to buckle up
2009/02/20 Avoid the Tragic Consequences of Multi-Tasking While Driving
2009/02/02 RCMP and Alberta sheriffs launch new traffic project
2009/01/16 Expect the unexpected at intersections
2009/01/07 Amendments to Traffic Safety Act are a Go for Intersection Safety Devices

2008/11/07 Get ready for winter driving conditions
2008/11/04 Province announces 10-point action plan for school bus safety
2008/09/24 Children "Walk the Talk" to highlight the importance of traffic safety
2008/07/02 Sheriffs nab more than 2,300 unsafe drivers during Canada Day weekend
2088/06/23 Drive knowledge test now available in nine languages
2008/06/17 Tough new rules to keep chronic drunk drivers off Alberta's roads
2008/06/08 Avoiding Trucks' Blind Spots Key to Keeping Alberta's Roads Safe
2008/05/28 Police join forces to target impaired drivers across the province
2008/03/28 Proper installation and use of child restraints ensure safety
2008/03/28 Buckle up! Seat belts are still the most effective safety device
2008/03/28 Sheriffs nab over 1700 unsafe drivers Easter weekend
2008/01/31 Drivers dangerously driven to distraction with multi-tasking
2008/01/31 Make safety a street hockey goal
2008/01/31 Combat Driver Fatigue to Stay Alert and Stay Alive
2008/01/07 Working and travelling in winter: Safety is a must

2007/12/14 Joint Forces Checkstop Pilot program shows the province's commitment to making Alberta's roads safer
2007/12/06 Motorists have to be prepared for winter driving
2007/12/06 Keep well back from the snowplows track
2007/12/06 Checkstops' flashing lights are a sign of the festive season
2007/12/06 Impaired driving is not an option on Alberta's roads
2007/12/05 Take the road less travelled
2007/12/05 Alberta Legislature passes Bill 49, the Traffic Safety Amendment Act 2007, which aims to reduce speeding and increase safety at urban intersections.
2007/11/20 Bill 49 aims to improve traffic safety in Alberta
2007/10/18 Increase in traffic collisions and injuries calls for action
2007/09/26 Young Albertans “Walk the Talk” for traffic safety
2007/09/25 Motorists and cyclists share responsibility on Alberta's roads
2007/05/18 Rider control and sharing the road are keys to safe motorcycling
2007/05/18 Protect yourself by wearing a helmet when cycling
2007/04/18 Children's safety highlighted during United Nations Global Road Safety Week, April 23 - 29
2007/02/16 Game on! Motorists need to be on the lookout for kids playing street hockey
2007/02/16 Slowing down is the best strategy to avoid a wildlife collision
2007/01/11 Alberta Snowmobile Association lists safety as a top priority

2006/12/22 Impaired driving is still a problem on Alberta's roads
2006/12/22 Celebrate the festive season responsibly
2006/11/24 Vehicle preparation is the key to safe winter driving
2006/11/17 Partners launch Safer Winter Highways campaign
2006/11/17 Increase in traffic deaths and collisions calls for joint action
2006/11/06 Government takes on the challenge of improving traffic safety
2006/10/23 Parents play a key role in teaching children about school bus safety
2006/10/23 Police now have the power to seize vehicles used to solicit prostitutes
2006/10/16 Alert drivers play critical role in school bus safety
2006/09/28 Children Walk the Talk to highlight the importance of traffic safety
2006/09/15 Drivers urged to look out for kids who are back in school
2006/09/05 Sheriffs to begin patrolling Alberta highways
2006/07/26 A good attitude is key to safe driving and avoiding road rage
2006/07/25 Construction zone signs are there for a reason
2006/07/19 Buckle up! Seat belts save lives
2006/07/12 Driver distractions put road users at risk
2006/07/10 School's out! Motorists reminded to watch out for kids on Alberta's streets
2006/07/06 Modernized electronic driver knowledge test will reduce fraud and increase safety on Alberta's roads
2006/06/27 Motorists and cyclists share responsibility on our roads
2006/05/10 Spring driving can challenge even the best of drivers
2006/01/25 Beware of wildlife on Alberta roadways
2006/01/18 Sled smart and play safe when snowmobiling

2005/12/30 Failing a Check Stop means losing your licence on the spot
2005/12/30 Be smart, don't drink and drive
2005/12/20 Driving safely during the holidays is the only way to go
2005/12/07 Control is key to winter driving
2005/11/30 Albertans urged to get ready for winter driving challenges
2005/10/25 New law makes Alberta roads safer for emergency and construction workers
2005/10/17 School bus safety is all about protecting Alberta's children
2005/09/28 Young children "Walk the Talk" for traffic safety
2005/09/12 New statistics reveal slight drop in traffic collisions, fewer injuries
2005/09/07 Back to school rush means drivers need to slow down
2005/05/19 Drive sober, buckle up, and pay attention at intersections
2005/05/18 New, tougher road test coming May 20
2005/05/04 Use Your Head to Cycle Safely
2005/04/14 Legislative changes make Alberta roads safer
2005/03/15 Rural Albertans are saving lives by buckling up
2005/01/06 Be a responsible snowmobile rider and know the rules of safe sledding

2004/12/30 Becoming a better driver is one New Years resolution that can be easy to keep.
2004/12/15 Make the right choice. Don't drink and drive
2004/12/09 Be in control: Drive defensively this winter
2004/10/15 School bus safety is critical for everyone
2004/10/14 Winter's coming and we're ready. Are you?
2004/09/24 "Walk the Talk" for traffic safety - Point, Pause and Proceed
2004/09/23 Pedestrian safety is a joint responsibility" to the media release page
2004/09/08 McDermid recommends road safety plan and sustainable funding for traffic safety in Alberta
2004/09/08 Alberta's 2003 collision statistics serve as a reminder for motorists to use caution while driving on Alberta's roads.
2004/08/26 Back to school safety tips
2004/07/21 Recreational vehicles: travelling safely and in style
2004/07/05 Kids are carefree so motorists need to be careful
2004/06/29 Speed kills - check your speedometer
2004/05/24 Drinking and driving: There are no excuse
2004/05/07 Protect what's in your head
2004/03/19 Parents get Geared to Go to help new drivers
2004/02/13 Stelmach appoints McDermid to review traffic safety
2004/01/21 Plow through winter safely
2004/01/05 Sled safely this snowmobile season

2003/12/15 Travel safely this holiday season
2003/12/10 Be wary of wandering wildlife on roadways
2003/12/05 Holiday Checkstops offer a sober reminder
2003/12/01 Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel
2003/11/06 Seniors Safety Week
2003/10/29 Winter is all about defensive driving
2003/10/22 All aboard for school bus safety
2003/10/01 Young children across the province "Walk the Talk' for traffic safety
2003/09/23 Alberta gets touch on suspended drivers
2003/09/11 Whose road is it anyway?
2003/09/09 Pedestrian safety is a joint responsibility
2003/06/26 Don't be a pylon - move over for emergency vehicles.
2003/06/23 Checkstops - checking up on impaired drivers
2003/06/12 Easy rider - safely hitting the open road
2003/06/05 How much is your child's life worth?
2003/06/03 New Alberta driver's licence most secure in North America
2003/05/29 Keeping safety on track
2003/05/23 Fine increases and Graduated Driver Licensing become effective May 20
2003/05/15 Road rules - the ABCs of traffic safety
2003/05/07 Have you checked your speedometer lately?
2003/04/28 Don't get short changed on driving experience
2003/04/03 Cultivating safe rural road habits
2003/03/24 The challenges of driving when spring has finally sprung
2003/03/17 Ignition interlock offers chance to keep driving
2003/02/24 The Long and Tiring Road
2003/02/18 Don't Miss the Bus
2003/02/11 Stay road Responsive
2003/01/14 Keep your cool on the road
2003/01/06 Sledding safely into a great winter sport
2003/01/03 An easy New Years resolution to keep.

2002/12/22 New Traffic Safety Act takes effect May 20, 2003
2002/09/25 Survey shows increase in rural seat belt use
2002/09/25 Olympic medallist joined the team to "Walk the Talk About Back to School Safety"
2002/08/29 Same three driving errors factor most in collisions
2002/05/17 Public input sought on traffic fines and demerit points
2002/24/29 Ignition interlock program open to more drivers
2002/04/11 Bicycle helmets become mandatory
2002/01/11 Week promotes safe snowmobiling

2001/12/06 Practise snow plow know how
2001/10/03 Young Children Across the Province "Walk the Talk" for Traffic Safety
2001/09/27 Alberta Partnership Rest Area Program - Helping Drivers to "Take a Break!"
2001/08/30 More traffic, more collisions in 2000
2001/05/16 Consultation results indicate support for Graduated Driver Licensing in Alberta
2001/05/13 Alberta makes amendments to the Traffic Safety Act
2001/10/12 Snowmobiling and safety go hand in hand
2001/01/10 Albertans' Input Sought on Off-Highway Vehicles and Commercial Vehicle General Equipment and Safety Regulations

2000/10/17 Emergency Procedures are Focus of School Bus Safety Week 2000
2000/09/27 Albertans Walk the Talk
2000/08/27 1999 Traffic Fatalities Lowest Since 1965
2000/07/31 Input Sought on Graduated Driver Licensing and General Licensing - Results Released from Vehicle Equipment Discussion Paper
2000/02/01 Riding in the Back of Pick-up Trucks Illegal as of February 1, 2000
2000/01/14 Alberta Promotes Safe Snowmobiling


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